What People Are Saying

“As Nevada’s top fiscal watchdog, I oppose Question 6. This costly mandate hampers our economic recovery. Since lost jobs also mean lost tax revenue, Question 6 will increase Nevada budget deficits and foster more attempts by Carson City to raise taxes. In any event, this stuff doesn’t belong in our constitution, which should be limited to important basic matters.”

Ron Knecht
Nevada State Controller
“An energy crisis does not exist in Nevada. Ratepayers are currently enjoying safe reliable delivery of energy at rates that are far below the national average. Do not restrict choice by allowing the attachment of mandates into our state constitution. A constitutional mandate would not be necessary if renewable energy was already at a stage of superiority capable of competing on price.”

Don Gustavson
State Senator
“Having served as CEO of a manufacturing company, I support expanding our manufacturing sector and creating good job opportunities for Nevadans. The jobs of tomorrow depend on affordable and reliable power, but Question 6 would raise costs and harm our efforts to diversify our economy. That’s why I’m voting No on 6.”

Jim Wheeler
State Assemblyman
“Much of your increased power bill this summer is due to the existing Nevada Legislature requirement for NV Energy to purchase 25% of our supply from ‘alternate’ sources, no matter how much more expensive it is. Question Six proposes to ratchet bills up yet again.”

Bob Beers
CPA, Former State Senator and Candidate for Treasurer
“The price of electricity is a big issue for small business. That is why we did a statewide poll of our members. Close to 70% of the small business owners who responded oppose Question 6, as they fear it will increase electric rates. Nevada continues to expand its use of renewable energy in a way that is good for the environment and good for the ratepayers.”

Randi Thompson
Nevada State Director, National Federation of Independent Business
“Since Question 6 will likely cost Nevadans money and jobs while producing no discernible benefit, we encourage a no vote this November.”

Thomas Mitchell
Mesquite Local News
“Don’t let a California billionaire turn Nevada into California with 50-100% higher electricity rates that will seriously harm our growing businesses and their employees, our fellow Nevadans. Nevada enjoys a stable, reasonably-priced electricity market. Keep California hedge fund billionaire politics out of our Nevada Constitution. Vote NO on Question 6.”

Shawn Meehan
MSgt, USAF, Retired; Founder, Guard the Constitution
“A San Francisco billionaire wants to rewrite Nevada’s State Constitution? That would sound like a bad joke if it wasn’t actually on the ballot. Let’s protect our jobs, our economy, and our Constitution! I’m voting NO on Question 6!”

Mark R. Perez
Realtor, Las Vegas
“As a former Californian, I saw first-hand how policies how harmful policies like Question 6 are to consumers. We were thrilled to see how much our utility bills went down when we relocated to Nevada. Why would we want to bring California’s high utility bills to Nevada? I’m voting NO on Question 6!”

Debra Gaylord
Retired Mortgage Professional, Pahrump