The Solution

The Solution


UNICAMERAL:  Nebraska has been unicameral since 1935. and has a ratio of one Representative to a population of 40,000, NOT one to 500,000 and 1,000,000.  Should Washington D.C. become a state, they are also unicameral along with all the provinces of Canada and many other countries such as New Zealand.  One House eliminates much of the “gaming” between 2 houses. Checks and balances are between the people’s legislature and the governor’s veto, not the legislature and the special interests.  

NON-PARTISAN:  2 political parties control the legislature because it costs too much for “outsiders” to run.  The lower costs of running in smaller districts promotes more diverse candidates because the cost of running will be substantially less and not exclusively controlled by the dominate parties.  

INCREASE THE MEMBERSHIP OF THE LEGISLATURE:  Representation of one legislator in Districts of no less than 80,000 and no more than 100,000 population returns California to a more Representative form of government where the constituents have access to their representative and can hold them accountable at the ballot box.  They, not staff, should be available and seen frequently in the community they serve.

WHAT WILL IT COST?:  According to Nebraskans their costs of government are less since being unicameral; costly deadlocks are rare, less full-time expensive staff required, no separate accommodations, all make for good government at substantial savings.  Smaller Districts and electronics mean less travel, less staff, one office not several in the rural areas. Smaller Districts throughout the state should also equal lower salaries. A new Annex at the Capitol has already been proposed, just add another floor.  Once the transition is completed and the new district boundaries are set and county elections departments have worked it into their system, the costs will even out. California spends so much taxpayer money for other projects, how about spending it for better government to represent the taxpayers.



Americans Restoring Representation is a grassroots movement of concerned citizens to restore government as the founders set forth in the U.S. Constitution that has served America well but needs updating because of bad laws passed by Special Interests and to bring all Peoples’ Legislative Houses in balance with populations.  Too often we hear, “My vote doesn’t count” and it’s true.

If you agree with this philosophy, please join us in our efforts to gather signatures to qualify for the California 2020 ballot, and please donate.  Printing petitions and informational material is expensive and there are no Big Money interests in this effort. PLEASE DOWNLOAD PETITIONS ON OUR WEB PAGE, ARR4               No donation is too small for a return to good government.

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