Join Us

This is a 58 County Movement

Together, we can bring REAL change to California. If you are interested in joining this movement, please take a moment to submit your information and stay informed about upcoming events & meetings in your area and more.

We will give each County support by keeping the ‘states’ coordinated and on target for the deadline to present all ‘states’ as one group to the legislature.  The United States form of government was meant to be bottom up, not top down, with the People in charge through their representatives.  Each County is currently set up with their own government and each are capable of running the necessary services and safety for the populace from their own tax base when not interfered with by the current poorly run state of California.  Each of the new ‘states’ have enough GDP from their geography and their population to be one eighth of the 5th largest economy in the world.  After the approvals from the legislature of California and the U.S. Congress, elections for state offices can be held and each state can enter the Union.


To start the process, each County will need a group of like-minded People who will start the “ball rolling” with the provided 8 from 1 flyers, stickers, and street signs to get started.  It’s best to start meeting in the back rooms of restaurants until you can build the membership to larger meeting places, appearances at local events, fairs, etc.  Our time schedule to get this done is 2022.  We are not going to the courts or making a state government until we have the consensus of the People in the 58 Counties that this is the Will of the People.

Please contact us at:  [email protected] to volunteer or fill in the contact form provided.